The Sandover Project is located 100 km north of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory and covers an area of approximately 8,000 km2 across two contiguous blocks of Exploration Licences in the Northern Arunta Pegmatite Province.

In March 2023, Tivan entered into an Exploration Alliance Agreement with EARTH AI to advance exploration using innovative artificial intelligence targeting capability at Sandover. Tivan recently upgraded the Sandover Project to a strategic priority.

EARTH AI has identified several exciting prospects at Sandover through surface rock and soil sampling programs:

  • High-grade lead prospect with lead mineralisation of up to 12.2% Pb. Phosphorous enrichment of 2.9% alongside the 12.2% Pb consistent with the presence of lead phosphates such as pyromorphite and/or lead carbonates such as cerussite; both of which are supergene minerals associated with primary lead deposits.
  • High-grade silver discovery with grades up to 469 g/t Ag. The silver discovery is located approximately 250 m south of the high-grade lead target, highlighting the potential for a polymetallic mineral deposit in the area.
  • Copper target confirmed by initial assay results with a maximum of 0.12% Cu. The copper mineralisation is present within an epidote rich alteration rock. Tungsten and bismuth enrichments are present alongside copper, consistent with the Tennant Creek iron oxide copper-gold-style source signature.
  • Lithium target confirmed by enrichments in the lithium-caesium-tantalum (“LCT”) style association (lithium 82ppm, caesium 25ppm, niobium 53ppm and tantalum 4ppm). The lithium mineralised samples display enrichments in caesium, niobium and tantalum, characteristic of the LCT metal signature.
  • Three additional lithium targets with standalone lithium enrichment of 20-80ppm.

Tivan is prioritising planning and approvals for a maiden drill program scheduled to commence in mid 2024.

Drill targets at the Sandover Project
Location map for EL33099 showing newly identified silver target relative to lead target.