The Speewah Project is located in the Kimberley region of north-east Western Australia, 100 km south of the port of Wyndham and 110 km south-west of Kununurra.

Speewah is a unique resources project, hosting two separate critical minerals deposits:

  • Speewah Fluorite: Australia’s sole JORC compliant Fluorspar resource, with worldclass scale and grade, and mineralogy that supports high recovery rates and
  • Speewah Vanadium: the largest reported vanadium in titanomagnetite resources in Australia, and one of the largest globally.

Tivan is pursuing a phased development approach at Speewah, with engineering studies, approvals and commercial planning proceeding for the development and operation of mining and minerals processing at site.

Map showing location of tenements, access tracks and Vanadium and Fluorite deposits.

Speewah Fluorite Project

At the Speewah Fluorite Project, Tivan is focused on development planning for a mining and processing operation of fluorite ore to produce acid grade fluorspar.

Fluorite ore is used to produce commercial grade fluorspar products and fluorine; industrial applications include steel, aluminium and chemical manufacturing, and emerging sectors include next-generation lithium-ion batteries, solar cells and semiconductor manufacturing.

In December 2023, the Australian Government added fluorine to Australia’s Critical Minerals List, in recognition of its role in the energy transition and lack of production in-country.

Engineering and construction company Lycopodium has been appointed to oversee the pre-feasibility study for the Speewah Fluorite Project.

Speewah Fluorite Mineral Resource 2024 (source: SRK) 1. Differences in totals may occur due to rounding
2. The 2% cut off is based on a USD600 Fluorite (CaF2) average price from Q1 2024 and Revenue Factor of 1.5
3. The 2% cut off Mineral Resource is inclusive of the 10% High Grade resource
4. The Mineral Resource is reported within a constraining Revenue Factor 1.5 pit shell based on a USD600 Fluorite price

Speewah Vanadium Project

At the Speewah Vanadium Project, Tivan is focused on development of a conventional salt roast processing operation to produce vanadium products.

The project is planned to comprise mining, beneficiation and processing operations integrated at the Speewah site, and a separate planned vanadium electrolyte production facility intended to be located at the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct in Darwin. Vanadium is used, as vanadium electrolyte, to store energy for long duration in vanadium redox flow batteries.

Longer term, Tivan’s vision for the Speewah Vanadium Project is to commercialise the new mineral processing technology “TIVAN+” to recover vanadium, titanium and iron in the form of their oxides from vanadiferous titanomagnetite deposits and materially enhance project economics. TIVAN+ is being developed under a commercial and strategic partnership with Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, capitalising on CSIRO’s independent development of vanadium processing intellectual property, and Tivan’s own mineral processing technology and know-how.

Tivan views circularity as integral to sustainability