Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct

Tivan is headquartered in Darwin and continues to deepen relationships with key stakeholders, including in community, government and First Nations. Tivan’s approach to community engagement is holistic, inclusive and on the ground. It is supported by policies of forthright and timely communications, and a commitment to transparency principles, as part of good governance.

Central to our planning is the Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct (MASDP), located south of Darwin. The Precinct will provide industry with access to largescale common use infrastructure, maximising efficiencies and minimising impacts.

Tivan’s development plans at MASDP include:

(a) Vanadium Electrolyte Facility, the largest outside of China, provisionally scoped at 500 MWh/year of production (2026 onward).

(b) TIVAN+ Processing Facility, to process magnetite concentrate from Speewah for the production of three commercial grade commodities: titanium, vanadium and iron (2029 onward).

In parallel, and to support project facilitation, Tivan is planning to construct a large-scale Pilot Plant for the TIVAN+ technology in collaboration with CSIRO,

provisionally located at East Arm in Darwin. Tivan’s developments at MASDP are each to be powered by renewable energy, with respective offtakes in place with Larrakia Energy (up to 30 MW) and Sun Cable (200-300 MW). The development of Tivan’s large-scale Vanadium Electrolyte Facility is a critical step toward establishing a renewable energy value chain at MASDP. A secure, cost effective and sustainable supply of vanadium electrolyte is a necessary intermediate staging point in facilitating the large-scale deployment of VRFB.

Tivan has reached agreement with the Northern Territory Government for a one year extension on the commitment “not to deal” on the proposed site for the planned TIVAN+ vanadium processing facility.

The Tivan Processing Facility is planned at Southern Lode, Wirraway Estate

The Board of Tivan relocated the proposed Tivan Processing Facility to MADSP in February 2023, highlighting:

  • A commitment from the Australian Federal Government of not less than $1.5 billion for common use infrastructure, planned as equity investment
  • Recognition of MASDP as a nationally-significant investment priority area by Infrastructure Australia
  • Close proximity to key civil infrastructure, including the Port of Darwin, the Darwin to Adelaide railway and freight terminal, Darwin Airport and the existing Darwin road network
  • Proximity to key Asian export and investment markets
  • Extensive utilities infrastructure, including gas and electricity
  • Access to large-scale water infrastructure, including common-use facilities, and to non-aquifer based sources of water in a high rainfall zone
  • Potential access to electricity from large-scale solar resources, and strong relationships with key proponents in the renewables sector
  • Access to construction and operations workforces, including opportunity to recruit for residential based positions and for Tivan to foster large-scale workplace policies as an employer of choice
  • Proximity to Charles Darwin University as a centre of excellence and a tertiary institution pathway for education, training and recruitment
  • Potential to streamline environment approval within the framework of the Strategic Environmental Assessment
  • Opportunities for commercial synergies with proponents within MASDP
  • Capability to utilise prior site and layout planning to expedite project facilitation
  • Opportunities for enhanced cooperation with Northern Territory Government, and ongoing enhanced engagement with key regulatory bodies and community-based stakeholders
  • Opportunities to contribute to a research and development hub in Darwin, including in areas of mineral processing, renewable energies and vanadium redox flow batteries