Ord River Hydro

In April 2024 Tivan announced its plans to integrate Ord River Hydro into the energy supply for the Speewah Project.

Commenting at the time, Executive Chairman, Mr Grant Wilson said:

“The Board of Tivan is delighted to unveil our renewable energy strategy for the Speewah Project. Speewah hosts two world-class critical mineral deposits, at a proximate location to existing transmission infrastructure. This affords a unique opportunity to develop long-life green critical minerals, thereby delivering large-scale sustainable development to the East Kimberley region.

Our Board recognises the cultural and social significance of Ord River Hydro and the crucial importance of enhanced engagement with Traditional Owners and community stakeholders through the planning phase. We extend our thanks to Pacific Hydro and Horizon Power in these collaborative efforts, ensuring that positive community impacts are maximised throughout.”

Tivan’s plans are supported by a Memorandum of Understanding with Pacific Hydro to collaborate on opportunities for potential renewable energy supply. Tivan has also engaged Horizon Power, a WA state government owned power company, to complete a feasibility study on power supply and transmission options involving Ord River Hydro, the results of which will be incorporated into the Company’s Pre-Feasibility Study scheduled for July 2024.

Tivan is committed to ongoing engagement with Traditional Owners and Native Title Holders and the community throughout the East Kimberley as these plans advance.