What are critical minerals?

Critical minerals are metals, non-metals and minerals that are essential for modern technologies and economies, yet whose supply may be at risk due to geological scarcity, geopolitical issues or trade policies.

Critical minerals are used to manufacture rechargeable batteries, electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar panels, mobile phones and computers, defence industry technology and products, medical technology, fibre-optic cables and semi-conductors.

Criticality is a subjective concept and individual countries develop their own lists of critical minerals based on their industrial and strategic requirements. Shown below is a summary and comparison of the minerals currently defined as critical by some of Australia’s important trading partners (Critical Minerals in the Northern Territory Report 2023).

Minerals identified as ‘Critical’ by United States, Japan and the European Union

Australia’s 26 critical minerals shown in gold

Harnessing tailwinds in the critical minerals sector 

Tivan closely engages with all levels of government in Canberra, Darwin and Perth to pursue our mission. Our project has been designed in lockstep with the refresh of the Critical Minerals Strategy, where we contributed a public submission in February. Tivan’s priorities are aligned with government and we will be forging new paths in many areas. Global tailwinds in the critical minerals sector are overwhelmingly strong, and the team at Tivan is prioritising networks in the US, Japan, South Korea, Europe, Singapore and India.

As Tivan embarks on this journey, we seek engagement from willing partners to achieve enduring change.

Tivan’s Speewah/ MASDP project mapped against Federal government priorities and nominal maximum achieved.