Major Project

Speewah Tivan+ MASDP

Tivan is developing a unique and strategically significant critical minerals project across Northern Australia.

Our strategic mission is to create a durable industrialisation pathway for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries. By doing so, we will be facilitating grid storage at a scale relevant to the global energy transition, and developing a full cycle value chain in Australia. Tivan provides a pathway for Australia to bend the curve toward Net Zero Emissions based on entirely sovereign capabilities.

Tivan has three well defined and durable competitive advantages:  resource, technology, community. These underpin our major project, defined as Speewah Tivan+ MASDP. Like any major project, we are pursuing Critical Paths to development, and we have well established Project Timelines. We have also established the TIVAN+ technology pathway, in collaboration with CSIRO, to progress our critical minerals processing technology through development phases: from gram, to kilo, to tonnes.

Tivan+ technology pathway

TIVAN+ is a cutting-edge minerals processing technology pathway to commercialise the extraction of vanadium from hard rock ore bodies with reduced environmental impacts. Developed in collaboration with our strategic partners, CSIRO, the TIVAN+ process yields three sale commodities – Vanadium, Titanium and Iron. By securing three revenue streams, TIVAN+ provides a distinct competitive advantage to pure-play peers in the global Vanadium sector.

TIVAN+ is a prototypical sovereign capability. It is a complex hydrometallurgical engineering process that is patent protected on a global basis. In our work with CSIRO, Tivan is onshoring critical know-how, and pushing the boundaries of research and development. In the full cycle value chain, TIVAN+ underpins the commercial deployment of VRFB, invented in Australia by Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos, a valued member of our Technical Advisory Group.

In these respects, Tivan is a uniquely Australian story.

Critical Paths

Critical Paths are an illustrative means for our stakeholders to understand our Major Project, and Tivan’s emergence as a major global player in the critical minerals sector. 

Our pathway runs through a large-scale Pilot Plant, to be constructed in Darwin. The development of our Pilot Plant is a crucial project facilitation step, enabling the TIVAN+ technology pathway to move from testwork to the real world. 

Our Pilot Plant will be capable processing multiple ore bodies, and is scheduled to commence with bulk samples from Mount Peake, followed by Speewah. Beyond this lies opportunities to sub-licence the TIVAN+ technology and Pilot Plant to owners of vanadium in titanomagnetite resources around the world. 

On our baseline plans, Tivan will produce Vanadium pentoxide, a feedstock for Titanium pigment, and Iron Oxides. Greater than 70% of revenues are forecast to be generated by Vanadium products.

Project Timelines

In April 2023, at the conclusion of a transformative period for the Company, the Board of Tivan provided Project Timelines for Speewah Tivan+ MASDP. Further details are available in our Investor Briefing materials.

As our Pilot Plant is a key project facilitation step, timelines are provided are shown with Key Performance Indicators. Traditional stage gates are provided for our Major Project, and may be revised from time to time.

Tivan’s team is renowned for working at high velocity on parallel workstreams. Between our collaboration with CSIRO, and our Technical Advisory Group, Tivan has the depth and capability to deliver a nation defining project.

Tivan is committed to communicating progress with stakeholders in a forthright, timely and transparent manner.