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Speewah Fluorite Project

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Tivan defines a bold new era in the global renewable energy transition

Our world-class resources and next-generation processing technology pathway, TIVAN+, yields three saleable commodities : Vanadium, Titanium and Iron.

The Tivan life cycle – circularity is integral to sustainability

We exist to execute a path to Net Zero emissions based on resource, technology and community

Harnessing the power of Vanadium Redox-Flow Batteries (VRFB), Tivan has a vision to develop secure, sovereign and green large-scale grid storage.

We offer a new and credible path to take Australia green.

Local engagement

Tivan is committed to deep and localised engagement with our stakeholders and partners, including First Nations peak bodies and Traditional Owner groups, in the areas in which we operate.

Middle Arm Sustainable Development Precinct (MASDP)

a sustainable development precinct of strategic national importance, with strong planning and funding commitments from all levels of Government. The Tivan Processing Facility (TPF) will be established at MASDP.


JORC Measured Indicated and inferred Resource totalling 4,712Mt, grading 0.30% V2O5, 3.3% TiO2 and 14.7% Fe

Mount Peake

JORC Measured Indicated and inferred Resource totalling 160Mt, grading 0.28% V2O5, 5.3% TiO2 and 23% Fe


Two contiguous blocks of Exploration tenements covering a span of 8,000km2 considered prospective to host lithium-bearing pegmatites, sediment-hosted copper and Iron Oxide Copper Gold (“IOCG”).


Consolidating efforts to achieve Net Zero

Tivan is uniquely placed to play a significant role in developing the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery
(VRFB) sector worldwide by securing ethical, sovereign and long-life supply of Vanadium.




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