Net Zero Pathway

Tivan is uniquely placed to play a critical enabling role in developing the Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) sector worldwide by securing an ethical, sovereign, scaleable and long-life supply of vanadium.

Taken together, Speewah and the TIVAN+ technology pathway, provide a multiplicative comparative advantage to all global peers, underwriting the commercial viability of our major project. This provides Tivan with an opportunity to achieve global market dominance in vanadium, through a period of dramatic changes in the global critical minerals industry.

Tivan’s sovereign opportunity coupled with VRFB, the preferred technological solution for large scale grid storage, invented by Professor Maria Skyllas-Kazacos at the University of New South Wales. Our full cycle aims to facilitate the entire industrialisation pathway for VRFB, providing scope to transition industrial facilities, towns and cities from electricity generation based on fossil fuels, in favour of large-scale renewables.

By doing so, Tivan can contribute meaningfully to progressing the pathway to Net Zero Emissions, in Australia and globally. From a Scope 4 accounting perspective, Tivan can be described as ‘carbon negative’. This unique opportunity defines Tivan’s strategic mission, animates our expanding team, lends heightened purpose to engagement with stakeholders, and will come to redefine Australia’s contribution to the global energy transition.

Pathway to decarbonisation

Tivan’s Net Zero Pathway is under development,
and an important priority for the company. This
figure shows a conceptual basis, with different
stages: Construction, pre-solar deployment, with
solar deployment, with baseline offset from 2035.